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PHP’s Header Function

PHP’s header() function allows you to send arbitrary HTTP headers. Among other things, header() can be useful for authentication or page-level redirection.

PHP’s Cookie handeling functions

Get to grips with the basics of PHP’s Cookie handeling functions with this tutorial.

Logging your visitor details to a text file

This tutorial will help you to create a script that logs your visitor detials by writing them to a text file.

Generating Images on-the-fly with PHP and GD.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, dynamic pictures must be worth millions. This article will show you how to create dynamic images on-the-fly with PHP and GD.

How to list the contents of a directory

This article will show you how to run through a directory and list the files it contains

Basics of Setting Cookies with PHP

Cookies are useful for many things: they can keep track of where you’ve been, what forms you have filled in and they can even keep you logged in into a website! With this ‘yummy’ tutorial you will learn how to create, read and delete cookies from a user’s hard drive.

Making A Basic Templating System

What? You say you want to make a quick and easy templating system that has the ability to run your whole site? Well, then this article is for you.

PHP Automated Thumbnails

The idea is simple, yet powerful: supply an image once; retrieve it in all possible formats, sizes and file types. We will build a PHP script that will automate these actions for us.

Smarty vs. XML/XSLT

The article gives a very short comparison of currently most used ways to separate data and its representation in PHP solutions. We compared Smarty and XML as two competitors and most often used methods to ease the process of code development and design implementation for PHP projects.

Working with Arrays in PHP

When you want to store multiple values on a variable you should make use of arrays. This article gives an introduction to the topic.