Top 2016 Dev Pro Conferences

Going to conferences can be a big boost for your personal and career development and much more. You’ll be energized and educated on the latest industry trends, hear from thought leaders and bring back new ideas to share with colleagues and staff. You’ll make new business contacts that could be… Read More

DevOps for the Win?

What exactly is DevOps and how does it fit into our brilliant corner of the world? Some think DevOps is a fad. Some just a fancier, cooler name for what has existed for years already. Others can’t get their mind around how combining development and operations into a single entity… Read More

Hot Scripts Launches Web Development Blog

In a further step to bring more, high-quality content to our visitors and members, we are happy to announce the new Hot Scripts Blog! The Hot Scripts Blog will present the latest trends and hot scripts from the Web development market including popular web script reviews… Read More