Clone Scripts – Misconceptions and Uses

One of the many things that I’m responsible for at Hot Scripts is the daily validation of newly submitted resources. I get to review different types of listings submitted, and it’s pretty easy to identify trends and patterns in the script market. The landscape of the market, as always, is shifting because people need scripts that generate revenue while creating an engaged user experience on their site.

A type of script that’s made a comeback in Hot Scripts is clone scripts. Clone scripts are web scripts that mimic the functionalities of a given web site or web application in terms of design, features, or both. While clone scripts have been around for years, they have suddenly spread their tentacles in our directory. You can now find clones of many popular sites, from Facebook and YouTube to Twitter.

There are a lot of misconceptions about clone scripts. Some people see them as poorly coded scripts while others consider them a way to become rich overnight. If a site worked for someone else, that doesn’t mean that a clone of it will for you. Most of the sites being cloned have already made a name, and competing with them is next to impossible. Still, clone scripts have enormous potential if you have a decent business model. I usually suggest using clone scripts to tap specific niches. For example, instead of doing another generic YouTube site, you could use your YouTube clone script to create a site about aviation. Or find an even smaller niche by doing a site about cockpit videos. Clone scripts can also be an excellent addition to existing communities or for use with an Intranet.

As with any other scripts, you need to do some research before buying. You can refer to our guide to buying web scripts for tips and advice.

A word of caution – make sure that any clone script you’re interested in is the developer’s original creation. It is legal to clone or duplicate functions, such as the ability to add videos or create a profile. It is not legal to copy or modify code or other parts of someone else’s script or site. Clone scripts you use should be free from copyrighted materials such as graphics, code, content, or trademarked features of the original version. If you see any clone scripts at Hot Scripts that you suspect have been copied rather than cloned, please use the “Report this Listing” link for the listing so that we can look into it.


  1. Using a clone script, anybody can dominate in regional way. For example, by making a local social networking site using FaceBook clone. Just make one for your own country and you'll see the result. Shabu Anower’s last blog post..What’s New in WordPress 2.8?

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