Why Flexibility is the Cloud’s Key Selling Point

Cloud servers are a relatively new entry into the world of hosting and have been dubbed the cure all to common web hosting problems. Much of what it cures is the rigid plan structures that existing hosting plans are based around, and instead allows clients to choose a flexible product offering that is right for them. VPS.NET, one of the first cloud hosting companies, and now one of the largest, has completely structured their hosting plans around offering the highest amount of flexibility.

With a VPS.NET cloud server, you have an unprecedented amount of flexibility, allowing you to create the perfect cloud server for your needs. First, unlike even dedicated servers, you’re able to completely customize your server specifications, using their node system. At the base, they offer standard nodes, which consist of CPU, RAM, Bandwidth & Storage, however they offer singular nodes, consisting of just blocks of RAM, Bandwidth or storage, so if you need additional amounts of just one resource, you can purchase it for a small fee.

An additional area of flexibility that goes unrivaled by most competitors is their number of operating system templates available. VPS.NET has put together a massive list of well over 100 click-to-install operating system templates, consisting of many of the favorites like ArchLinux, CentOS, CloudLinux, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu and even Windows! There are numerous variants, such as templates, with MySQL pre-installed, Nginx, pre-installed, and many others, all of which are designed to make your life easier.

Now one of their key strategic advantages comes in the number of datacenters VPS.NET offers. They have 20 cloud datacenters, in areas around the globe, including 7 in the United States, 1 in South America, 2 in the United Kingdom, 3 in Europe, 1 in Australia and 4 in Asia. This is especially important because you can choose to host your website in a location closest to your visitors.

Finally, one of the neat finishing touches is the ability to launch and destroy a server, without any extra cost.  You can create, and destroy a cloud server as many times as you want. Looking to test out of your application in a wide variety of developments? You can do that with ease.

In closing, while the cloud has many advantages, the VPS.NET cloud leads the way in flexibility.

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