Converting Vector Drawings and Animations to HTML5

Despite W3C’s recent warning that HTML5 isn’t ready for prime time, this doesn’t seem to stop everyone from experimenting with HTML5. The developers at MIX Online Lab, has released an Adobe Illustrator plugin called Ai->Canvas that will allow you to convert your vector drawings and animation into HTML5’s canvas element. The HTML5 canvas element as discussed previously, allows you to dynamically draw graphics like charts, graphics and animations that can be rendered across HTML5 compliant browsers.

Ai->Canvas is available for both Windows and Mac OS X and is meant to accelerate your HTML5 canvas development. If there is any specific feature of your drawing that it cannot convert, Ai->Canvas will  automatically rasterize that artwork to a bitmap and properly position the image on the canvas.

Surprisingly, this plugin was not developed by Adobe – it’s a product of Microsoft’s Mix Labs. Abode Labs on the other hand recently released an SVG pack for Illustrator, which can convert drawings as SVG elements.