Cooties – IDE for Creating HTML5 Animations

One of the few things that can speed up the adoption of HTML5 as a replacement for Flash animations is an authoring tool. Right now creating animations in HTML5 requires quite a bit of coding and graphics skill – or maybe just patience until Adobe releases its Flash to HTML5 converter.

Last week, BlueDojo unveilved Cooties with its mission reading ‘Our Goal is for Cooties to Kill Flash‘.  Cooties is an IDE that allows you to create HTML5 animations using an authoring tool – much like the very first version of Flash. Once the animation has been created, it can be exported to HTML5 and JavaScript to run in any HTML5 supported browser including iPad and iPhone.

Cooties is a Google-cloud based application which requires you to login by supplying your Google account credentials. The interface is currently very basic with support for drawing shapes, writing text, organizing them in layers and applying tween to them. You can also upload images and save them to your library.

It will be interesting to see how this HTML5 animation IDE evolves – I’d personally like to see support of scripting to control the timeline.