CSSmatic – The ultimate CSS tools for web designers

CSSmatic is a collection of four CSS online code generators aimed at helping web designers and developers alike save time writing CSS for gradient, border radius, noise texture and box shadow. All of these four CSS techniques are now widely used on websites and at times requires a lot of different CSS attributes to get them working across multiple browsers.

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CSSmatic’s gradient generator allows you to use multiple colors and opacity stops to create amazing gradient effects with smooth color changing style or subtle transparencies. The border radius tool is a timesaver allows you to generate CSS for adding rounded corners to your box or images.

The Noise Texture tool is lets you create great patterns for use as background. It automatically generate the pattern image on-the-fly which you can download or reference remotely.

Finally the box shadow, lets you create nice shadow effect for your <div>s with the ability to specify the blur and spread radius. All of these little tools can be great time-savers when building interfaces.