Emerging Free Web Scripts to Watch for in 2012

Following last year’s overwhelmingly positive feedback on the list of emerging scripts we featured, we’re back this year with our second installment of “Emerging Free Web Scripts to Watch for in 2012.” The scripts that made it to the list this year have been curated from submissions we received, along with handpicked scripts scoured from the Net.

This year’s list is even better than last year, featuring both new and updated scripts that take innovation, feature sets and — most importantly — use of web technologies to the next level. Our list is comprised of web scripts coded in different languages and in a broad range of categories. I feel certain that you will find something new to use on your site or at least items to keep tabs on for upcoming projects.


ownCloud gives you universal access to your files through a web interface or WebDAV. It also provides a platform to easily view and sync your contacts, calendars, and bookmarks across all your devices, and enables basic editing right on the web.


GitLab is a Ruby on Rails Git repository management application that you can install on your server to manage your projects and code repositories. It is lightweight, fast, secure, and sports a streamlined interface that makes browsing of source code, issues, comments, commits, and file history easy. Finally, it supports team collaboration extremely well.


Candy is a web-based chat client with focus on real-time multi-user chatting. It is build for Jabber (XMPP) and is very easy to configure and use. Candy has been tested in a productive environment with up to 400 concurrent users and works well across all major web browsers.


JSZip is a JavaScript class that allows you to create zip files on-the-fly. It works by compressing files on the client side and hence reduces server processing. Its API provides a simple way to place any file into a zip file, but it does suffer from a tendency for different browsers to generate weird file names.


HybridAuth is an open source social sign-on PHP library that enables developers to easily implement social sign-in, social sharing, user profiles, friend lists, activity streams, and more. HybridAuth acts as an abstract api between your application and various social apis and identity providers such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Google.

Fork CMS

Fork CMS is an intuitive content management system that provides a user-friendly platform to build, monitor, and update your website. It is highly flexible and provides an array of built-in features like page-specific template and block configurations aimed at giving you total control of your content layout. Fork CMS is extensible through modules like a form builder, blog, FAQ, etc.


PhotoSwipe is a free HTML/CSS/JavaScript-based image gallery specifically targeting mobile and touch devices. It provides visitors with the look and feel of a native application that makes interaction with images familiar and intuitive. It supports iOS devices, Android, and Blackberry 6 as well desktop browsers.


html2canvas allows you to take screenshots of a web page (or just a portion of one) using JavaScript and HTML5 canvas. It works by reading the DOM elements, applying the CSS style, and converting that into a canvas image for output. Unlike other screenshot services, html2canvas works on the client’s browser and does not require any rendering from the server.


OpenPublic is an open-source content management system (CMS) based on Drupal and tailored for the needs of government-related web portals. It provides secure and scalable sites, and is already in use by several government bodies around the world.

Fuel CMS

Fuel CMS is a CodeIgniter-based content management system that is easy and flexible for rapid development. It works on the concept of inline editing with real-time preview and has great integration with third-party services like WordPress and Google Analytics. For developers looking for added functionality, Fuel CMS provides an expanded code library and custom module creation, along with opt-in controller development.


Selfoss is a lightweight PHP-based RSS reader that can also aggregate live streams and multi-source mashups. It can be extended with its open plugin system that allows you to write your own data connectors to fetch and display content.


EasyBasket takes a different approach to creating a shopping cart by allowing you to quickly insert the cart anywhere on your page with a single line of code. There’s no need to install a database or a dozen class files. Easy Basket currently supports Google Checkout and PayPal and will work on any type of web page, be it HTML, ASP.NET or PHP.


OSClass is a PHP-based script that allows you to create a classified ads website. It can be used to set up a generic listings site or an industry-specific classified ads site for autos, jobs, real estate, and dating. It is easy to install and scales nicely on websites with millions of pageviews per month. OSclass can be extended through plugins or skins via themes. Finally, OSclass is SEO-friendly with sitemap.xml generation, robots.txt, and nice URLs.


MyWebSQL is a MySQL web client and administration application, similar to phpMyAdmin but with a more intuitive interface and incredibly fast performance. It boosts a rich set of features, including multiple server login, WYSIWYG table creator and editor, inline multi-record editing, and more. MyWebSQL also supports SQLite.


SimpleModal is a MooTool plugin used to create modal (overlay) windows. It can be used to generate alert or confirm messages with just a few lines of code. SimpleModal can work in asynchronous mode and retrieve content from external pages or fetch inline content.


jsMorph is a pure JavaScript animation framework that can support morphing, motion, and tweening. It can manipulate any HTML element either individually or as a group. jSMorph also has super-fast rendering due to optimized browser rendering buffer usage.

SCM Music Player

SCM Music Player is a free and open source web music player that brings a seamless music experience to your website. Through its dockable player that sits either at the top or bottom of your site, it allows continuous playback across your pages.


OpenScholar is a full-featured, open-source website-creation package designed for the academic community. It is scalable, easy to use, and requires minimum resources and effort to administer.


SeekQuarry is an open source PHP search engine that can be configured as either 1) a general purpose search engine for the whole web; or 2) providing search results for a set of URLs or domains. It is fast and supports distributed crawling.


Coordino allows you to create a question-and-answer system similar to that used by Yahoo! Answers or StackOverflow. It is written on top of the CakePHP framework and in addition to the built-in knowledge-base platform, it supports a user reward system based on points, along with remote authentication.


WIODE is a web-based open source IDE that was built as a replacement for standard desktop-installed IDEs. It is loaded with items such as an intuitive file manager, syntax highlighting, Zen Coding, mobile interface, FTP, multiple users, a code library, and much more, all designed to make cloud coding simple.

Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator, which lets you read news from any location, while still feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible. It has a streamlined interface that uses AJAX and supports RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds.


Elycharts is a JavaScript charting library that doesn’t require client side plugins such as Java or Flash. It can draw all of the frequently used chart types, ranging from line charts, column and bar charts, to pie charts. All charts can handle multiple data series, with stacked and cumulative options, and with multiple axis support and automatic axis scaling.

Share Count

Share Count is a JavaScript-based application that allows you to aggregate your social share counts from different social networks. It currently supports Twitter, Facebook, Like, Digg, and Delicious.