Emerging Free Web Scripts to Watch for in 2013

It’s time for our annual list of emerging scripts to watch for in the coming year. Similar to previous installments, this year’s list consists of new and updated scripts that take innovation, feature sets, and the use of available technologies to the next level.

Most scripts that wind up published on HotScripts are functional in nature — they work as coded and provide a solution to a problem. But some surpass this assessment, being classed not only as reliable and a pleasure to use, but able to be considered as meaningful contributions to the industry as a whole. These — those that go beyond the merely functional — are the types of scripts that our annual list showcases.

The scripts on our watch list have been curated from submissions we have received, together with handpicked resources scoured from the Net. The list features web scripts coded in different languages and dealing with a broad range of categories. So to that end, here is our annual list — “Emerging Free Scripts to Watch for in 2013” — enjoy!


MobileCartly is an open source mobile shopping cart that allows you to effortlessly create stunning mobile store and sell your physical or digital products on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or mobile devices. The great thing about MobileCartly is that you don’t need any programming skills. Through its intuitive WYSIWYG editor, you can control every facet of your store without breaking a sweat.


SageFrame is a highly extensible open source ASP.NET CMS that helps you build your site, and builds it to perfection. It empowers you with all the essential tools required for developing custom modules, applications, templates and various-purpose websites with ease and convenience. The plug-n-play module concept employed in SageFrame offers enhanced dynamism to your site, and also holds provision for addition of new features.


Countly is a mobile analytics solution that allows you to stay up-to-date with your mobile traffic and other event tracking through its stylish dashboard. You can track and visualize user behaviors like your application’s in-app purchase path and understand barriers to engagement and conversion. All reports generated by Countly can be customized through its report generator.


AspxCommerce offers a complete e-Commerce solution that allows you to build and run your fully functional online store in minutes. You can create your storefront; manage the products through categories and subcategories, accept payments through credit cards and ship the ordered products to the customers. It has everything set up for you, so that you can only focus on building your own online store.


Weblate is a web based translation tool with tight Git integration. It features simple and clean user interface, propagation of translations across subprojects, consistency checks and automatic linking to source files. It sports a nice Django’s admin interface where you can upload and merge your translation files.

Responsive Img

Responsive Img is a jQuery plugin tied with a PHP script that makes your existing images responsive without creating new images. It works by monitoring the browser’s window size and in the even the latter is resized, Responsive Img will create an image at the new site, based on the size breakpoints specified when you call the plugin.


Gitlab is a self-hosted Git management application that is fast, secure and stable. It is based on Rails and Gitolite and released under the MIT License. You’ll find most of the commonly used Git features like Merge requests, source code browsing, multiple project support, code snippet, control repository access as well as a wiki and issue tracker.


Tinycon adds an interesting feature to favicon especially when used by applications that provides notification. It does so by adding alert bubbles to your favicon. Tinycon gracefully falls back to a number in title approach for browsers that don’t support canvas or dynamic favicons.Alerts in the favicon allow users to pin a tab and easily see if their attention is needed.


elFinder is an open-source file manager for the Web written in JavaScript using jQuery and jQuery UI. Its layout and simplicity of use is highly inspired from Mac OS X Finder application. You can perform all operations with files and folders on a remote server like copy, move, upload, create file/folder and delete. elFinder support background file upload with drag-and-drop HTML5.


easybook is a PHP application that lets you easily publish book in various electronic formats: PDF, HTML and EPUB. It works by converting text archives written using the Markdown syntax. (Markdown is the standard format for writing documentation on the Internet). You can use easybook to publish novels, manuals, technical books and websites with your projects documentation.

jQuery File Upload

jQuery File Upload is a file upload widget with multiple file selection option, drag & drop support, progress bars and preview images. It supports cross-domain, chunked and resumable file uploads and client-side image resizing. jQuery File Upload works with any server-side platform (PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, Node.js, Go etc.) that supports standard HTML form file uploads.


Laravel is a clean and classy framework for PHP web development. Freeing you from spaghetti code, Laravel helps you create wonderful applications using simple, expressive syntax. It comes with great documentation designed to function both as getting started guides and as feature reference. It is also accompanied with nice screencasts that will walkthrough you the different features of Laravel.


wysihtml5 is an open source rich text editor based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. It uses a sophisticated security concept and aims to generate fully valid HTML5 markup by preventing unmaintainable tag soups and inline styles. It works across most modern browsers.


esoTalk is a PHP discussion board script that has been built from the group up to take advantage of modern web technologies and provide the perfect balance between simplicity, power, speed and scalability. You will be able to find most commonly used forum features from member groups, notifications, private message, and a whole bunch of other great stuff.


Kimai is a free open source timetracker based on PHP5 and MySQL 5. It tracks work time and prints out a summary of your activities on demand. You can also run date-ranged reports by customer, project or activity. Kimai has support for multiple users as well.


GelSheet is a free and open source web spreadsheet that allows users to create, edit and export in many formats. It’s intended to run either standalone or integrated within another web tool. GelSheet is also available as a WordPress plugin.


Timeline is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily add interactive timelines to your site. It is also great for pulling in media from different sources. It has built in support for pulling in Tweets and media from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps and SoundCloud. To add events to your timeline, you can populate it using a Google spreadsheet or via JSON.


TaffyDB is an open-source library that brings database features to your JavaScript applications. It is based on the concept of storing data in objects and then grouping those in an array to ptrovide a client-side collection of data similar to a database table. his library provides several database inspired functions like CRUD operations as well as support for sorting, filtering, and even querying against the client-side collection of data.


ChiliProject is a web based project management system. It supports your team throughout the complete project life cycle, from setting up and discussing a project plan, over tracking issues and reporting work progress to collaboratively sharing knowledge.


Socialite provides a very easy way to implement and activate a plethora of social sharing buttons — any time you wish. This could be when your document is loaded, or on article hover or any other event that you’d like to define. Thanks to its asynchronous load, Socialite won’t cause document rendering to hang while waiting for 50kb of social media.


Syte is a really simple but powerful packaged personal site that has social integrations like Twitter, GitHub, Dribbble, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr, Last.fm, SoundCloud and Bitbucket. Syte uses the Django web framework to handle requests and call the integration APIs (with python).


uptime is a simple remote monitoring utility using Node.js and MongoDB. It can be configured to monitor thousands of web sites and you can also define the frequency of monitoring. Each time a age is down, you will receive an alert. Finally, it exposes a complete API for integration with third-party monitoring services.


Socialist is a social feed plugin that combines multiple social media feeds in one place. Use it to combine content and create a social wall from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Craiglist RSS and other social networks. It also comes with multiple themes with responsive style.