Free Remote Access for your PC or Mac.

Go anywhere and do anything using free remote access to any PC or Mac from LogMeIn Free. Live your life your way — secure in the knowledge that you’re never farther away from all your information than the nearest Internet connection.

How many times have you wished you could just get your hands on your computer – whether to access a critical piece of information, update a file, show a friend your most recent video or offer IT support?

Well, with LogMeIn Free you can put that feeling behind you forever. The application provides free remote access to any PC or Mac through the cloud. So now you can get to all your information, applications and files from anywhere, at any time, as long as there’s an Internet connection.

Getting started is easy. Just create an account with LogMein, and make sure you install the software on any computers you’re going to access remotely. There’s no limit by the way.

Once that’s done, you simply log in through the LogMeIn website and access the remote computer. You’ll feel like you’re sitting right in front of it no matter where you are and no matter what you’re doing.

And, as it turns out, all this freedom will make you more productive since you are no longer “away” from your computers. People have used LogMeIn Free to provide support for their friends and family, run their small business and to work from home. Because it’s not just about access. It’s about accessibility.

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  1. Hi! Your article is really so cool. Congrats for that. I am a technical person and I use this software often to access my subordinate’s computers. I use RHUB remote access for this purpose. This appliance is really good for commercial purposes and works well on both mac and windows. After seeing your article, I am planning to try logmein. Thanks! __________________ Naga prasad