Google’s Swiffy Converts your Flash files to HTML5

HTML5 has been around for quite a while now and even though not an approved standard, web designers and developers alike are slowly adopting it. One of much touted benefits of HTML5 is its drawing capabilities through SVG graphics along with its support for multimedia playback – often dubbed as a Flash killer or replacement. There has been several initiatives from different organizations to use HTML5 as a de-facto technology for animation and playback on the Net especially with on mobile devices. Ai->Cavas and Cooties, which we reviewed in earlier posts are great examples of tools that attempt to convert or build animations entirely in Flash. There’s also Wallaby from Adobe and just in last week is a new tool from Google Labs called Swiffy.

Side-by-Side comparison of an SWF animation converted to HTML5 using Swiffy

Google’s Swiffy is an online tool that allows you to upload your Adobe’s SWF file and have it converted to an HTML5 version. By using a combination of JSON, SVG and CSS, your converted Flash file can render in modern browsers that use the WebKit engine.

Please note that Swiffy is in early version and can currently convert only certain Flash files.