Hippo CMS popularity soars to the top

I’ve heard of Hippo CMS before, but never tried to delve into it until this morning when I read that Dolce & Gabbana, a leading fashion brand has chosen Hippo CMS as the foundation for its future web development.

Hippo CMS is a Java based open-source CMS built on modern web architecture and supports open web standards. It is made up of three separate but interoperable components:

* Hippo Repository – where your content is stored
* Hippo CMS user interface – where your content is managed
* Presentation layer – where your content is published

What makes it unique is that while the Hippo repository is based on Java, you still get the freedom to use your favorite technology to implement the presentation layer. This also gives you the ability to publish content to multiple channels including mobile, web, iPad or even printed media.

Another feature that I really like is its built-in support for faceted navigation. One of the challenges with CMS these days is that as the sets of content grow, it gets very difficult for your users to navigate to them using traditional search or pagination feature. With Hippo’s faceted navigation, you can create dynamic, drill-down navigation structures and present content in different context.

Hippo CMS also supports plugins that will allow you to extend its features beyond its built-in functionality. You can for example find components for RSS widgets, Google Maps, Tag cloud, etc.

Overall, Hippo CMS is worth investigating if you’re into heavy content and media publishing where content distribution across multiple channels is a key to your marketing strategy.