New HotScripts Category – HTML5

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HTML5 is a new version of HTML and XHTML.  Its specification is still a working draft but has reached a point whereby developers and browser vendors can start using it. In fact, recent versions of browsers already have support for HTML5 and numerous web sites are already using HTML5 code.

HTML5 differs a lot from prior interactions and some of its new elements and features introduced allows web designers and developers to take their web sites and applications to the next level by proving better control over page elements and extensibility via its new API engine.

We strongly believe that HTML5 will change the way pages are coded and NOW is the right time to start learning and experimenting with it. In our attempt to provide you with the best HTML5 resources, we’ve created a new HTML5 category on HotScripts.

You now have access to cherry-picked resources categorized into categories like HTML5 Tutorials, HTML5 Applications and other HTML5 Resources. We will keep on adding new listings on a regular basis, and also welcome you to recommend and submit your favorite HTML5 resources. Finally, if you have any questions or need assistance with HTML5, remember to check our HTML5 Forum section.