How to Test ASP.NET C# Programming Skills Online

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Every company needs talented employees, and for that they take interviews to find the best talents. After taking interviews, they select the best candidates.

Taking interviews is surely not an easy task because you have to spend a lot of time with some good candidates and some of those candidates who just come to waste your time.

On particular days, you realize that your quality time was wasted because the candidates you had called for face to face interview don’t have even the basic knowledge.

You might have faced such situation so many times, and continue to face the same further as well if you don’t try to find a solution.

Today, I am here to speak about an online service that enables you to take online test of the candidates so that you will be able to filter the deserving ones to be called for the face to face Interview. I am talking about, which makes your work easier by offering the skills tests beforehand.

By providing this kind of online tests before the actual interview, Tests for Geeks has brought a very useful tip in the HR industry. I have been using this service, and I can say that this is the best service to use to reduce your burden to deal with non-deserving candidates. Time to time I need to hire programmers to write scripts and programs to do specific tasks. I find tough to call candidates directly for the live interview because everyone just comes with their CV without even having the skills that I need. is like a life savior for me as I can take their programming test first and then decide whether to call them or not for the interview.

How to use to take online programming tests?

Suppose you want to test the candidates’ ASP.NET MVC & C# skills as you need to hire few employees that must have excellent programming skills in these technologies.

Step 1:

Visit, and log in to your account.

Step 2:

Go to homepage.

Click on the ASP.NET MVC & C# test that contains 20 questions of MVC test and 20 questions of C# programming test questions.

Step 3:

You will see three options:

Test Job Candidate: This option offers you create tests for every candidate separately. You will have to create a test every time you want to send a test link to a particular candidate. This option is excellent if you wish to test the skills of the small number of candidates.


You will see above form when you click on Test Job Candidate. You can create test link for individual applicants, and then send the link to them via email or Skype.


Share Permanent Link: This option offers you a permanent test link that you can send to multiple candidates.


When candidates open the link, they get asked their name and email id so that the test results will be attached to their details.

As the candidates will complete the test, a full report will be emailed to your email address that you used to create an account on Tests for Geeks. Now you can check the results of every candidate, and filter the ones who deserve to be called for the interview.
Pass Test by myself: This option offers you to pass the test by yourself which means you can give the answers to the test questions. This way you can even test your own programming skills.

How this works technically? has a set of questions for different programming subjects that are shown randomly when you create test links. Once the links created, the questions are organized in an quiz manner in which candidates can select one option and submit, and then next question will come. This way, candidates will have to answer till all the test questions are completed. For this ASP.NET MV & C# test, there are 40 questions, so they need to answer these 40 questions one by one.

Once the test gets completed, the results are sent to your account email id.


Special offer from Tests4geeks: Using own domain and logo!

As you have seen above that everything is being done on the tests4geeks server with randomly generated links. So what about branding? If you are a big company, then you may want to do these tests on your own domain.

Tests for Geeks offers the use of own domain and logo so that when everything gets set up, the test links will not be on random links rather your website’s customized link will be there. However, the tests will still be done on’s server only but it will be viewed on your domain where you can show your own brand logo as well. So that candidates will think that the tests are taken on the company website itself which is useful for improving the trust and brand.

You may know more about branding by using own domain and logo by clicking here.


Tests4geeks has different pricing options that you can choose according to your requirement. 4 types of pricing options it is offering currently:

3 Tests: $29.95

10 Tests: $59.95

Unlimited Tests (During one month): $99.95

Unlimited Tests (During three months): $179.95

If you are running a company that needs candidates from programming field, then can help you significantly to select the best candidates affordably and efficiently.

The money it costs is nothing when you compare with the time you give in calling all the candidates for interview and then taking one on one interview one by one. saves your quality time by doing half of your work in easy steps. Now, you can only spend your quality time taking interviews of the deserving candidates who have a fair idea of what they are called for.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are running a business or an HR agency, then give a try. I am sure you won’t regret of using it because it is worth of the cost.

Thanks for reading!

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