IxEdit – A JavaScript-based interaction design tool

jQuery is the de facto solution for creating highly interactive interface elements for web applications. From date pickers, drag and drop and other DOM elements animations and effects, jQuery supports them all either natively or through its plugins. However, jQuery can be intimating for those not well versed with JavaScript especially when it comes to writing bunch of codes to create various interactions for multiple page elements.

IxEdit Design Tool

Enter IxEdit, the first on-the-fly interaction design tool aimed at allowing designers and developers create interactions with no JavaScript coding and just basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. After writing your HTML and CSS, simply embed IxEdit into your source and it will display an elegant floating tool with different options and attributes. You can then create new interactions by selecting the DOM element right from your page and setting up the interaction attributes like drag and drop, fade, etc. You can then preview your changes in real time. For example with a few mouse clicks, you can create a tab-based navigation for your form or add a date picker to your textbox. Once you’re happy with the interaction created, you can export the JavaScript generated and copy and paste it to your source.

IxEdit works under Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer to make your browser your interaction development environment.