JoobsBox – A free PHP Job Board Script

Job boards play an important role in the recruitment and employment process. Even though the market is saturated with different providers using more and more complex solutions, a traditional job board model is always a good addition to a web site and can be easily monetize if properly implemented. By traditional job board model, I mean a simple listing based platform whereby job seekers, employers and recruiters can easily post their request or reply.

Open Source Job Board Script

Open Source Job Board Script

If you’re looking for such job board model, then JoobsBox is what you need. It is a free open source, PHP and MySQL based job board script. The script in itself is very simple; you have configurable categories whereby your members can post their job listings. These listings can then be syndicated via RSS or search using the on-site search feature. JoobsBox is also extensible with a plugins and themes system. You can find plugins for iPhone optimized version of JoobsBox or auto-post jobs to Twitter.

Even though in alpha stage at the moment, development and continuity of this application looks very promising. If you’re seriously looking to enter the job board market, do check out some of the resources of the International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS).

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  1. There is also Jobberbase - - much older and has much more features than Joobsbox.

  2. A great site with excellent info. I will be back often. All the best.

  3. as commented by Mr Navjot Singh, I found jobberBase better than joobsBox

  4. My joobsbox zip came without a install folder I've been searching for how to link to the database. I installed jobberbase link seen above works great