Joomla! 2.5 Released with Extra Features

Joomla!, one of the most popular PHP-based open source content management system (CMS) went through a major upgrade with their version 2.5 release. Along with the new features such as advanced search and automatic notification of Joomla core and extension updates, the Joomla! CMS now also supports MS SQL server as database. Previous versions of Joomla were compatible exclusively with MySQL databases.

Joomla!’s search engine feature now handles better natural language search and auto-completion. The new automatic update mimics WordPress built-in notification and update system whereby which site administrators are notified of new updates for Joomla! as well as third party extensions they have installed. The updates can be performed right from the administrative control panel.

According to water&stone’s 2011 CMS market share report, Joomla ranks second, just behind WordPress in terms of overall weekly download. The overall adoption rate of Joomla has also increased significantly since August 2011 when the community released version 1.7 that expanded Joomla!’s functionality to handle more than just web content.