Koken – A free CMS for Creative Professionals

Koken provides photographers, designers, artists and creative DIYs with a free system to manage, edit and publish web sites of their work. Koken is also a development platform for web designers and developers to build themes, plugins, and custom sites for their clients.

Written in PHP and using MySQL as its database, Koken’s interface consists of three main areas: Library, Text and Site. The library manages your uploaded images and videos through a dedicated, desktop-like interface. It is without any doubt the forte of Koken. You can organize your images into albums or groups and tag them. If your images have IPTC information, these will be automatically imported after upload.


The ‘Text’ portion of Koken allows you to manage your site’s content. You can write about portfolio updates, inspiration, or anything that comes to mind. It also allows you to import content from Flickr, Instagram and Videmo to your pages.

Finally, the ‘Site’ aspect of Koken comes with a live site previewing and editing feature where you can customize your website’s style using simple controls or your own custom CSS.

The great thing about Koken is that it modern – for instance it supports responsive media where it can dynamically swap images for larger/smaller sizes using breakpoints. This gives you optimum file size and image quality from the largest desktop screen to the iPhone in your pocket. It also supports Retina photo quality making your photos look their absolute best.