eCommerce Script Magento Celebrates 1st Anniversary


March 31st marked the one year anniversary of Magento‘s first production release. The open source PHP and MySql based eCommerce script went through a lot of momentum since its first beta version. It has always been termed as a killer eCommerce solution offering merchants complete flexibility and control over their online store. In February 2009, Forrester Research named Magento an ‘Emerging Player to Watch’ in its B2C eCommerce Platforms report.

Several factors have contributed to the success of Magento over its first year. The script has been downloaded over 750, 000 times and it has a community of 84, 000 active members. Varien, the Magento Company, has also been organizing several meetups in the USA and Europe.

If you haven’t tried Magento yet, check out their demo store and see how many features this script has to offer. It can be further customized using hundreds of free extensions. One of the major concerns of Magento users is that it requires a lot of server resources to run stable, but Magento’s developers say that they have drastically improved page load and memory performance in their new release.

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  1. Lesya

    The results for the first year are impressive. Numbers speak for themselves - way to go guys! More and more people choose Magento over other shopping carts. Now it's even easier - there's web service cart2cart. It automates migration from some certain shopping cart to magento. For details please check