Manage Your Web Projects with Visibility and Trackability

Use real-time visibility and automated task assignment to move your Web development projects through your process, so you achieve more, sooner, and grow your business

Web development is iterative, meaning you must be able to collaborate effectively and make changes easily. In fact, successful Web development requires the opposite of exhaustive formal project planning, because by the time you’ve finished the planning cycles, those plans usually have become outdated due to an ever-changing market.

So your projects get stuck in the design phase without progressing quickly enough to the implementation phase. Or worse, by the time you complete them according to an old plan, they are obsolete.

Similarly, cumbersome business process management tools provide little practical help. Business requirements in Web development projects change much more rapidly than you can modify how your processes and workflows are reflected in clunky BPM tools. So, while your Web development team needs to apply market learning to its collaborative process, what it experiences with BPM tools is just burdensome process change management.

What’s the answer? A system that lets you keep all of your project work together along with workflows that you change visually on-the-fly. Comindware® Tracker® provides exactly this combination. Web developers who use Comindware avoid the problems of traditional project planning tools and clunky BPM systems, but can also integrate with those systems if needed. They can have a short end-to-end planning cycle, get started on the project with a single click, and then change things as they go without interrupting current development. Tasks for the right people at the right time are automatically generated by the workflow engine, and the entire team enjoys real-time visibility of where things stand.

Here’s how it works

With Comindware Tracker for software development, you can:

  • – Simplify tracking for issues, bugs, requirements, change requests, test cases, and more
  • – Coordinate and streamline your processes with flexible, standards-based workflow process management templates, workflow automation, and integrated task management
  • – Visually and interactively customize workflow processes and forms using Comindware’s graphical Workflow Builder and Form Builder
  • – Organize and manage tasks, sub-tasks, and projects
  • – Automatically generate next-step tasks at each step of your workflow processes via ConnectStep® technology
  • – Track status of each issue or requirement and view its complete change history
  • – Collaborate more efficiently via context-sensitive comments, discussions, document/file sharing, links, and more
  • – Access real-time status reports, reporting dashboards, and advanced analytics to monitor development efforts

Software Development Processes, Your Way

Comindware Tracker provides you with far more flexibility than other issue tracking and workflow management systems. That’s because Comindware is the only system built on the award-winning, ultra-flexible ElasticData™ technology, a far more flexible data management foundation for modern web-based applications. And unlike other solutions, it allows you to change and immediately deploy new processes and form elements on-the-fly. So instead of changing your processes to accommodate the limitations of some “solution”, you can adapt Comindware to support your team’s development work.

Also, with Comindware’s ConnectStep technology, next-step tasks can be automatically generated and assigned so your Web development projects progress naturally. By automating these workflow processes and task generation, team members can focus on their specific tasks while Comindware efficiently moves things along.

ConnectStep is an exclusive feature made possible by the union of Comindware Tracker® with Comindware Task Management®. By organizing and automating work efforts into tasks, each person’s tasks and due dates are clear and they can manage these auto-generated tasks along with their other tasks.

See ConnectStep technology in action – try Comindware Tracker now.

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