PCSS – where CSS meets PHP

A couple of months ago we featured LESS, a JavaScript based CSS preprocessor which allows you to write CSS using an extended and shorthand syntax which in turn gets compiled into normal CSS. LESS also introduced the concept of variables, mixins and nested rules that are proven time-savers. Based on a similar idea, Marcos Sandrini, a Brazilian designer has released PCSS, a server-side CSS3 preprocessor aimed at helping developers write CSS3 using less code.

PCSS truly extends the concept of shorthand CSS through several built-in features like constants that allow you to define long CSS definitions with short words or even variables to hold any type of data.  You can also use pre-defined constants and create functions or nested classes. There’s even an @font-face shortcut with server-side browser detection for slimmer resulting code. Best of all, PCSS will minify your CSS when returning it to the browser.

To install and use PCSS, you will need a PHP5 enabled server. For more information and usage examples, please visit pcss.wiq.com.br