Piwik – An Open Source Web Analytics Script

Piwik's Dashboard

Piwik's Dashboard

Piwik in a nutshell is a free open source alternative to Google Analytics. It is a PHP/MySQL based web analytics script that can be downloaded and installed on your own web server. Similar to Google Analytics, all you need to add to your website is a copy-and-paste JavaScript tracking code. It will then provide you with detailed reports about your website’s visitors, the search engines and keywords they used, etc.

Unlike other web analytics scripts, Piwik allows for the possibility of adding new features through plugins. That can be essentially useful for Web developers aiming at using the API to build their own plugins or publishing and syndicating their site traffic details in different formats. One excellent use of Piwik’s API is the desktop version of Piwik. Based on Adobe Air, it allows you to monitor your Piwik’s statistics directly on your desktop.

Now, the big question is why would you ditch Google Analytics for Piwik? Google Analytics for sure is a matured piece of software but might have too much bells and whistles for the average Joe. Then some of the built-in reports comes in-built and can be hard to customized or syndicated. Finally, it has tight integration with other Google’s related services like Google Adwords that might be of no use to some.


  1. It looks pretty awesome, but the question is, is it better as analytics? Google is taking marketshare with their nice google analytics. It is good that Piwik also has integration with Google Adwords, so lets give it a try!