rssLounge – A free PHP RSS Feed Reader

rssLounge aggregator is a free Web-based RSS feed reader based on PHP and MySQL.  It allows you to organize and read your RSS feeds and updates from online services like Twitter, or YouTube in a central message center. It can be considered as a Google Reader clone script, but it has a few features that sets it different from Google reader:

rssLounge aggregator

  1. Priorities – You can assign different priorities to your feeds. For example if there are feeds you’d like to read more often than others, you can assign a higher priority. When accessing your reader, you can then move the priority slider to only display items for a particular priority.
  2. Filters – You can set up custom filters for your RSS items. By using regular expressions (preg_match) you can set the reader to only fetch items that matches your criteria.
  3. Calendar timeline – You can easily switch to all feeds received on a particular date by choosing a date from its date-picker.
  4. RSS Feed with Errors – Google reader forces you to add scripts that are RSS or Atom valid. However, with RSSLounge, you can add items even if the RSS feed is not completely valid (e.g have a missing date attribute).

Remember, rssLounge is not a hosted service – you can download the script and install it on your own server.  This will be an excellent piece of script that companies might want to roll on their intranet. They can capture RSS items from different sources and share with the rest of the company. With RSSLounge’s open plugin system, you can add more datasources other than RSS feed.