Best Scripts in September!

What’s trending in the marketplace? Check out the best scripts in September:
Affiliate Niche eBay Thumbnail Gallery Search Engine Affiliate Niche eBay Thumbnail Gallery Search Engine
The Affiliate Niche eBay Thumbnail Gallery (classifieds) Search Engine will let search and browse all latest Classifieds in almost any supported eBay EPN country. With the visual search feature you can find stuff on eBay 100X faster.
Price: $49 | More details
Evento - Niche Event Listings Script Evento – Niche Event Listings Script
Create niche events listings with a social twist. It allows your users to submit new events, add comments or upload photos and use the messaging system.
Price: $25 | More details
File Watch File Watch
This script monitors your website files for any changes. This includes modifications of newly created scripts. It does not prevent hacking, but alerts you quickly if any scripts are changed on your site. Such changes may indicate that your site has been compromised, and needs to be secured.
Price: $6 | More details
Simple Forum PHP Simple Forum PHP
This script is very easy to install and administer. Visitors to your website will be able to post new topics or discuss other topics.
Buy individually for $25 | More details
Promoter Promoter
Promoter is a calendar based PHP script that you can install on your server to list your business or association events. It is lightweight, functional, and extremely easy to install and use. It comes with Google Maps and Street Views integration, includes a calendar widget and support categories, cities and tags.
Price: $16 | Learn More
Comments Scripts Comments Scripts
This script will allow your visitors to post comments on any page of your site. Integration is done by a single line of code where you want the comments to appear.
Price: $25 | More details
PHP Poll with Images PHP Poll with Images
Our poll system allows you to display the poll with images in any page, by pasting a simple javascript with poll titles. It saves the data without reloading the page. No database is required. Easy to customize by CSS file.
Price: $25 | Learn More
Star rating system with JavaScript and PHP Star rating system with JavaScript and PHP
Easy to use star rating system for your website, by pasting 1-2 lines of provided javascript you can display the system on your site and allow the users to rate your content (pages, articles, photos, products, etc), you simply provide an unique item to be rated, e.g Product19, Product20, etc.
Price: $29 | Learn More