SEO & Online Marketing for Web Developers

You’ve learned most basic web development stuffs, and you’re good at graphics. You have a lot of content and offer compelling services to your audience. You have it all, right?

Well, not exactly.

When the World Wide Web first became popular graphic and development skills were more than enough to have a successful online business. But nowadays, the name of the game is Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. You can have a well-coded interactive website sporting pixel perfect design, but if you cannot reach your audience via search engines, you’re likely to be doomed.

In our attempt to help developers not only build better websites but also help them market them effectively online, we’re starting a weekly digest on SEO and marketing with content provided by our network site SearchMarketingStandard.

Here’s what we have for you this week:

How Do I Submit Products to Google Shopping?

With the holiday season just a few months away, now is a great time to learn how to create a product feed and submit via the Google Merchant Center for inclusion in the shopping segment of the search engine results pages. You don’t need to have a page-one website for a listing in the shopping feed to drive traffic to your site and in fact, a decent shopping presence can actually happen quicker than the time it would take to optimize the domain itself for a new product keyword.  Read more….

Is Google News Part of an SEO Strategy?

A report earlier this year from Outsell suggested that more than half of us now go forgo the traditional morning newspaper in favor of going online for our news. This is up 33% on previous studies and interestingly, means that sites like Google News are a destination within themselves, rather than a click through from a Google web search.  Read more…

Fitting SEO Into The Company Puzzle

Chris Boggs, in his article “Fitting SEO Into The Company Puzzle,” explores the options available to companies looking to make the most of their individual strengths and minimize their weaknesses online. Likening the struggle to differences between conventional warfare (similar to large corporations) and guerrilla warfare (similar to small companies), Boggs maintains that the common thread is the need to centralize the control process for SEO-related decisions as much as possible. Read more…

Will Google Instant Search Turn SEO On Its Head & Pander To Big Business?

We waited patiently to learn what big announcement Google was going to make, having been told it would be “huge” and a game-changer. And then it arrived — Google Instant Search. No longer do you have to hit the enter key after typing in a search query to see search results — they appear below the search box as you type in your query. Start typing any old thing and voila — any old thing appears below the box. Read more…

4 Tips To Increase Your Internet Catch

“There are plenty of fish in the sea” is one of those clichéd phrases that I’ve never quite understood. It seems to me that in relationships, quality trumps quantity: most of us want The One, not the many. The same can be said for Internet marketing.  Sure, the Web makes it possible to cast a wide net.  But as we’ve all experienced, whether you’re marketing your neighborhood bar that attracts mostly locals, or an expertise in building chicken coops that attracts mostly – well, who does that attract? Read more…

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