Social Wall Scripts – Reclaim your social content!

Social networking sites have become important channels for pushing content. We all spend time putting together nice 140-characters on Twitter, share insightful information on Facebook, publish videos on Youtube or even curate and pin multimedia on Pinterest. The challenge is that overtime, there is so much content that gets lost and buried in our social accounts. For instance members following you on a specific channel might miss other great content you’ve shared on another channel. One way to reclaim these content and aggregate it in a central place is to set up a social wall on your site. Social walls are becoming increasingly popular amongst site owners who want to display and share their social activities and content from multiple sources including social services into a single HTML page.

Here’s our list of top three most popular social wall scripts:


PubwichFork aggregates your latest social web and social media content across multiple service websites and renders it on one single page.. It supports Atom, RSS, Delicious, Youtube, Vimeo and a dozen of other services. It is powered using simple standard templates but you can also create your own themes. It includes cache management and post-output data processing.


Infinite-Social-Wall is a relative new RSS and social networks aggregator based on PHP that works off a MySQL backend. It has a great responsive interface based on dynamic grid layout and includes beautiful CSS3 transactions. It currently supports Google Plus, Github, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram but can works reasonably well with any RSS feed.


NewsWall is essentially an RSS feed and email aggregator written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. Even though it doesn’t have tight integration with social network, you can locate and feed in your social network RSS feeds to it. It has a sleek layout whereby which images are also returned with each RSS feed. It comes bundle with several themes and it will play a sound notification each time a new feed item is fetched.