TaffyDB — The JavaScript Database for Your Browser

TaffyDB is an open-source library that brings database features to your JavaScript applications. It is based on the concept of storing data in objects and then grouping those in an array to provide a client-side collection of data similar to a database table.

This library provides several database inspired functions like CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations as well as support for sorting, filtering, and even querying against the client-side collection of data. TaffyDB is also easy to extend with custom functions, allowing you to further manipulate the “records.”

The language construct of TaffyDB is extremely simple to use. For example, to update a “status” column in your database for certain records that match the keyword “foo,” you would use something like:

//Update records “status” column for entries that matches “foo”

By pre-fetching a chunk of data (maybe on the fly or through AJAX and JSON), you can easily manipulate those on the client-side without having to create a highly data-intensive application. This is going to save a lot of resources and eliminate delays as opposed to using multiple AJAX calls to manipulate database records.