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PHP Error – Error Reporting Done Right!

PHP Error is a new open source library aims at improving the display of PHP errors for easier debugging. By simply calling the library at the start of your file, you can benefit from better error messages and full syntax highlighted stack trace. Read More

PCSS – where CSS meets PHP

PCSS is a PHP server-side CSS3 preprocessor aimed at helping developers write CSS3 using less code. PCSS truly extends the concept of shorthand CSS through several built-in features like constants, variables, functions and classes. Read More

5 Powerful PHP Code Generators

Code generators are desktop or web-based applications that once installed will allow you to define your database and it will automatically generate all the required HTML, CSS and PHP files. Read More

PHP Parameter Skipping and Named Parameters – Finally?

Well, sort of; it’s not 100% native, but it works, and requires only 1 simple cut-and-pasted line added per function to implement. This article will detail how to do so, as well as the gist of its inner workings. It’s certainly easy to grep up complaints and feature requests for both parameter skipping and named parameters… Read More

Developing a Login System with PHP and MySQL

Most interactive websites nowadays would require a user to log in into the website’s system in order to provide a customized experience for the user. Once the user has logged in, the website will be able to provide a presentation that is tailored to the user’s preferences. Read More