Web Accessibility Tools and Resources

Web accessibility is not just about making your site accessible to those with disabilities, but for everyone to have a simpler, easier and quicker Web experience.   It is a highly debatable topic which often quickly gets off track since opinions vary dramatically in this subject area. There have in the past been too many myths against accessibility making it like nailing jelly to a wall. Web developers fail to understand that designing an accessible site or application should be part of the normal web development process. It not only helps you target those with disabilities but brings a lot of benefits to those without disabilities as well. Below are links to articles, tools and sites dealing with various accessibility topics:

Web Accessibility Basics

Introduction to Web Accessibility
Find out why Web accessibility is important and how you can make your site more accessible.

Why Write Accessible Web Pages?
Why all developers should strive for accessibility in their sites.

Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design
Online version of the accessibility book written by Shawn Henry.

Accessibility Tips
What you can do to improve the accessibility of your site.

Accessibility Standards
Provides a checklist of accessibility standards for web developers to use as they are designing a Website.

Accessibility Tools

Vischeck Colour Blindness simulator
This online service will check any site for various types of colorblindness.

Firefox Accessibility Extension
Extension to support web developers and people with disabilities in accessing and testing web resources for accessibility features.

Bobby Online Service
A comprehensive web accessibility software tool designed to help expose and repair barriers to accessibility.

Lynx (text-mode web browser) simulator
The Lynx Viewer allows webmasters to see what their pages will look like when viewed with a text-mode web browser.

A downloadable software that helps you to evaluate (and repair) the accessibility of your Web pages.

Further Readings and Resources

Web Accessibility articles
Dozens of free how-to articles on how to be comes a web accessibility expert.

Guild of Accessible Web Designers
A worldwide association of web designers and developers working together to promote the use and preservation of accessible design standards.

Beyond HTML Accessibility
Learn how to expand your content’s accessibility across all web-based content such as PDF files, A/V content and Flash documents.