Zebra_Form – PHP Class for Form Creation

Forms are critical components of any web applications, yet they’re probably one of the most mundane and frustrating web development tasks. First, you need to write up the HTML code, add some CSS for styling and then use JavaScript for client-side validation and maybe even some PHP for further validation of the submitted data. It gets more complex when you have to deal with cross-browser issues or with form elements like CAPTCHA, date pickers or even file uploads.

If you’re looking to simply your form creation and validation process, then consider Zebra_Form, an object-oriented PHP class that promotes rapid HTML forms development through the use of clean and easily maintainable code. The client-side validation is powered using jQuery and Zebra_Form also has an integrated support for preventing cross-site scripting.

A form generated using Zebra_Form

Forms generated and rendered by Zebra_Form are nice-looking, usable and work across most browsers. This PHP class is free and is distributed under the LGPL license.