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CSS Navigation Rollovers equal in IE and Firefox

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CSS Navigation Rollovers equal in IE and Firefox

Hi. I'm having some dumb trouble on this stupid navigation, and I would appreciate some help. I need this website to be cross-browser working, most preferably with both IE and Firefox. I'm not a fan of IE by any means, but most people will be using it to access this site.

The navigation is a simple unordered list styled in CSS, and the problem is much simpler.

Take a look at my site:
Untitled Document

In Firefox, this works excellent, and in Internet Explorer, I seem to have two issues:

1.) I cannot get the "hovering" color change effect unless I put my mouse over the text, unlike Firefox that displays it as a whole block like it should.

(which kind of relates to my next problem)

2.) If my submenus appear after you hover (like on About Us), you cannot access the text on the submenu if it is over my i-frame on the right. As you can see, the submenu disappears when your mouse gets to the i-frame-- (that is if you don't have text right before the i-frame starts)

If any of you could figure this out of me, I will be in your debt.
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The site can't be found
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