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javascript popup not working????

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javascript popup not working????

Hello... I am confused because my client says that this popup window doesn't come up on one of her computers, and on the other one, it comes up, but nothing is inside of it. (She says it is white, and blank) On my computer, it works fine (windowsxp, ie6.0)
The site is: (the popup window is on the first page)
It is a very simple script, it's just the with the attributes... and I call it with the body onLoad... It's so simple, that I can't imagine why it wouldn't work. (However, it does work fine on my computer, ie6.0 AND netscape)
My friend said something about the older popup blockers not working, he said they would not block the whole window but would only block the contents of it... and maybe that's why she gets the white, blank window... do you know anything about that?
Here is the email she sent me:


it doesn't come up at all on the new computer...i think it is explorer 6.0. on the older computer, the pop up comes up blank, just white. i work with windows and there is no error message.

thanks, ar

also, i tried the same thing but by not using functions, & not using the onLoad... instead i just wrote it in the < script > tag, so it would just execute. that one is here:
i don't know if that one works for her or not though, because she hasn't written back.. but does anybody know anything about this weirdness?

thank you so much!

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it worked fine for me. ask your client if they have any sort of add-ware/spy-ware blocker or firewall. both of these can prevent new windows from spawning. if this is the case ask him/her to hold down the cntrl key when they open the window. this sometimes, depending on the adware blocker, disables the blocker.
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try this

I had the same problem try this link
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