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Javascript Countdown script

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Javascript Countdown script


I've been searching on the internet and on hotscripts for a javascript countdown script
that can handle using seconds then within the script change the seconds over to
the hour, minute, second format but haven't had any luck in doing so. Does anyone
know where I can get such a script since I have very little knowledge in using or even
writing javascript ..

I did find this script that combines both javascript and PHP but again, I'm not sure
exactly how to change this code to do mentioned above:

// Update counter

$mySEC = 300;
  <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
   var myi = <?=$mySEC?>;

   function rmyx()
     myi = myi - 1;
     if (myi <= 0)
      myi = <? echo ($sched_ticks * 60); echo "\n";?>
     document.getElementById("myx").innerHTML = myi;
echo "  <b><span id=myx>$mySEC</span></b> until_update <br>\n";
// End update counter
The code above counts down from 300 seconds to 0 then does whatever ..
it would work FINE if I can code in to change the 300 seconds to the
hour, minute, second format ..

Thanks for your help
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