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Guide to Posting for New Users

To better help us to help you, please refer to this guide when posting in these forums.

When posting please be sure and include the following:
  • Your Code!
    If you don't post your code then we wont be able assist you. Your code is one of the most important parts of your post.

  • Errors
    Errors tell us exactly where the problem is and might say what's wrong. In most cases, it is vital to a solution to your problem.

  • Clearly explain the what your code is doing and what it should be doing
    This is a must, if we don't know what you want your code to do and what is currently is doing then we can't help. We don't read minds!

  • Code Highlight
    When posting PHP code please use the [php]code here[/php] tags and when posting any other type of code please use the [code]code here[/code] tags. They A) Help us to catch syntax problems. B) Make the code a little easier to read. C) It clearly outlines code in contrast to other text.

Please remember to:
  • Use informative thread titles
    Here are a couple examples of what not to use: "HELP!" "IMPORTANT!" "NOT WORKING" "WHY DOESN'T THIS WORK?"....
    You should briefly explain you problem in your thread title. like: "MySQL Query Failed" "Authentication Issues" "Multi-Dimensional Arrays"....

  • Use Clear English
    If we can't understand you then we can't help!

  • Be short and to the point
    Don't post useless information, but don't leave out the important stuff!

  • Don't get frustrated
    Somebody will get around to your thread, please don't bump.

Just a added note, if you see a post that violates the Community Rules and/or Specific Forum Rules please use the 'Report Post' icon (red triangle with the black exclamation mark, so a moderator can look into it.

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