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How to change Mysql username

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Question How to change Mysql username

Hi all, this is my first post here

I have windows-xp and setup MySql and php and everything is working fine but I was trying to find out how to change the user name and password for logging into Mysql, the default username is "root" and the password is empty, but I want to change them so that they are the same username and password that I used on my webhost....can someone help I've been trying to find the solution but I could not.

thank you
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One option is to download and install phpMyAdmin. Not only can you add and edit users and their permissions, you can set up new databases easily, as well as tables, insert, edit and delete rows, etc. And its fairly simple to use, as well as free.
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Thumbs up Done

Thank you mdhall for your response,

I finally figured out how to do it, here it goes:

on your command prompt and at the mysql\bin directory type the following:

c:\mysql\bin>mysql --user=root mysql

this will log you into mysql as the root user, which is the default user, then type the following:

mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO monty@localhost

this will add the new user and setup the privileges of that user.

the source for this information is at:

For editing and manipulating databases I highly recommend "MySQL-Front" which is a very neat program for handling MySQL databases

good luck and thank you again
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you can also run winmysqladmin to do some simple admin tasks (you can find the executable in the \bin subdirectory)
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I have just installed MYSQL 4.0.17 on Win XP.

I tried to access the database using phpMyadmin but it didnt like the username or/and password no matter what I changed it too in

I realised that I hadn't set the username and password when I first opened WinMySQLAdmin.

To create a username and password i found out that when you open up WinMySQLAdmin it looks for my.ini and if it exists the first box doesn't ask you for a username and password.

So to set one you have;

Firstly close down WinMySQLAdmin if it is running
Then rename the existing my.ini in the windows directory
And then start up WinMySQLAdmin again.

The first pop up will ask you for the username and password.
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