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how to create two dropdown menu linking each other?

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how to create two dropdown menu linking each other?

Hi guys, i have to create a drop-down menu for database data, when i select one data from that then next drop-down menu has to create automatically with related data of the 1st selection.
could anyone please give me some help to do this?

NB: i have 3 tables student(sid, sname), course (cid, cname) , take (sid, cid) so if i select one of the cid then another drop down list has to create automatically with sid who is taking the cid .
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Sometime ago I've built a little something similar to what you need.
I needed to have a product classification under a family and then under a sub-family.
This is how I got it done. It should refresh the second combobox automatically as you chage the first one.

PHP Code:

="    select       cliente_nr
                            , familia_name
                            , codigo_familia_pk  ( this is the primary key )
                    from stocks_produtos_familias"
# determines the master combo
    <select name='prod_familia' onchange='javascript: document.form.submit();'>
        <option value='0'>&nbsp</option>"
while (
$familia=mysql_fetch_row($fam)) {
# if this the selected family
if ($familia[2]==$_POST[prod_familia])     {
# sets up the slave combo
$string_pesquisa="    select     cliente_nr, 
                                    sub_familia_pk (this is the sub family primary key)
                            from stocks_produtos_subfamilias
                            and codigo_familia_master=
        if (
mysql_num_rows($sub_fam)>0)    {
            <select name='prod_subfamilia' class='preto' style='background:white; padding:3px; border: thin solid grey;' 
                onchange='javascript: document.alt_produto.submit();'>
                <option value='0'>&nbsp</option>"
# builds up the slave combo
while ($sub_familia=mysql_fetch_row($sub_fam)) {
                if (
$sub_familia[3]==$ficha_produto[4])     {$sel_2="selected='selected'";}
                else                                         {
$combo_subfamilia.="<option value='$sub_familia[3]$sel_2>$sub_familia[2]</option>";
# sif this is not the selected family
else {$sel=NULL;}    
$combo_familia.="<option value='$familia[2]$sel>$familia[1]</option>";


<form name='alt_produto' method='post' action='
$combo_familia   <br/>


On the same basis you can build a similar to suit you.
Have fun!

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