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getting data

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getting data

hi guys i have the following queries that i need to fix it....

here passing variables using get method

PHP Code:

echo"<a href=\"index.php?content=escritura&cat=$capitulo_id&libro_id=$libro_id\">$capitulo</a>"
getting the variables in a new page called escritura
PHP Code:


intval ($_GET['cat']);
$libro_id intval ($_GET['libro_id']);

$query="SELECT  id, libro_id, capitulo_id, texto,versiculo from rv1960 where capitulo_id = $capitulo_id and libro_id= $libro_id ";

$libro_id =$row['libro_id'];
$versiculo =$row['versiculo'];
$texto =$row['texto'];

"<h3>$versiculo -- $texto</h3><br>";
this is the database I used to retrieve the data from table rv1960;

This is what we are looking for: When user clicks
Antiguo Testament (Old testament) ---> We got all the books; Genesis, Exodus...ect
When user click Genesis for example, we got all the Chapters (capitulos) of Genesis, then
When user clicks Capitulo 1 Genesis(Chapter 1 Genesis), we got the vers(versiculo) and text (texto) contains in that particular Chapter(capitulo)
this is the picture of the explanation

Everything is fine for Genesis book and its chapters with it corresponding texts, but when I click on Exodus or any other book, it does not retrieve the data from... Can you please help me with it... Thanks
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