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Sanitizing data

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Sanitizing data

Hi guys i am trying to sanitizing the data entry.. but for some reason it does not happen... help

PHP Code:



   if (isset(
$_POST['name'])) {


$query "INSERT INTO eventogaleria (galleria_id,name,texto)" .
" VALUES ('$galleria_id','$name','$texto')";

$result mysql_query($query) or die('Unable to add product');
   if (

"<h2>Una Nueva Foto ha sido anadida al album</h2>\n";

"<h2>Ha habido un problema andaidiendo tu foto.</h2>\n";
sanitize data function

PHP Code:

function sanitize($data)
// remove whitespaces (not a must though)
$data trim($data);

// apply stripslashes if magic_quotes_gpc is enabled
$data stripslashes($data);

// a mySQL connection is required before using this function
$data mysql_real_escape_string($data);


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Seems right. But is happening that should not be happening, or what is not happening that should be happening? Say that five times fast =)
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