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PHP url var to Jquery then pass back to PHP MYSQL Query

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PHP url var to Jquery then pass back to PHP MYSQL Query

Hi! for http://site.php?search.php?

I'm trying to add a condition on [WHERE user=$user to mysql query but it seemed search-data.php is not reading the $user = $_GET["user"];

PHP Code:

       $fetch mysql_query("SELECT * FROM viewreport2 WHERE user='$user' AND comp_name REGEXP '^$param' OR email REGEXP '^$param' OR f_name REGEXP '^$param' OR l_name REGEXP '^$param'");

           Retrieve results of the query to and build the table.
           We are looping through the $fetch array and populating
           the table rows based on the users input.
while ( $row mysql_fetch_object$fetch ) ) {
$sResults .= '<tr id="'$row->id '">';
$sResults .= '<td><a style=\'text-decoration : none;\' href=\'crmview.php?id=' $row->id'&user=' $row->user .'\'>' $row->comp_name '</a></td>';
$sResults .= '<td>' $row->comp_ind '</td>';
$sResults .= '<td>' $row->f_name ' ' $row->l_name'</td>';
$sResults .= '<td>' $row->desig '</td>';
$sResults .= '<td>' $row->phone_a'-' $row->phone_b'-' $row->phone_c'</td>';
$sResults .= '<td>' $row->mobile_a'-' $row->mobile_b'-' $row->mobile_c'</td>';
$sResults .= '<td>' $row->email '</td>';
$sResults .= '<td>' $row->date '</td>';
$sResults .= '<td>' $row->user '</td></tr>';

So I've tried addin var user = getUrlVars()["user"]; to jquery-search.js but i'm not sure if im doing this the right way.

HTML Code:
         Set the inner html of the table, tell the user to enter a search term to get started.
         We could place this anywhere in the document. I chose to place it
         in the table.
        $('#results').html('<p style="padding:5px;">Enter a search term to start filtering.</p>');

        /* When the user enters a value such as "j" in the search box
         * we want to run the .get() function. */
        $('#searchData').keyup(function() {

            /* Get the value of the search input each time the keyup() method fires so we
             * can pass the value to our .get() method to retrieve the data from the database */
            var searchVal = $(this).val();
	var user = getUrlVars()["user"];  <==== ADDED THIS and PASS TO MYSQL SEARCH WHERE

            /* If the searchVal var is NOT empty then check the database for possible results
             * else display message to user */
            if(searchVal !== '') {

                /* Fire the .get() method for and pass the searchVal data to the
                 * search-data.php file for retrieval */
                $.get('data/search-data.php?searchData='+searchVal, function(returnData) {
                    /* If the returnData is empty then display message to user
                     * else our returned data results in the table.  */
                    if (!returnData) {
                        $('#results').html('<p style="padding:5px;">Search term entered does not return any data.</p>');
                    } else {
            } else {
                $('#results').html('<p style="padding:5px;">Enter a search term to start filtering.</p>');


the main

HTML Code:
<div id="container">
    <div id="dataTable">
        <div class="ui-grid ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all">
            <div class="ui-grid-header ui-widget-header ui-corner-top clearfix">

                <div class="header-left">
                    <!-- Left side of table header -->

                <div class="header-right">
                    Search: <input style="width:150px;" id="searchData" type="text" method="post"></div>

            <table class="ui-grid-content ui-widget-content cStoreDataTable" id="cStoreDataTable">
                        <th class="ui-state-default">Company</th>
                        <th class="ui-state-default">Industry</th>
                        <th class="ui-state-default">Contact Name</th>
                        <th class="ui-state-default">Designation</th>
                        <th class="ui-state-default">Phone</th>
                        <th class="ui-state-default">Mobile</th>
                        <th class="ui-state-default">Email</th>
                        <th class="ui-state-default">Date</th>
						<th class="ui-state-default" value="<?php echo "$user" ?>" >USER</th>
                <tbody id="results"></tbody>
            <div class="ui-grid-footer ui-widget-header ui-corner-bottom">
                <div class="grid-results">Results </div>
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