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DNS Problems with WHMCS

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DNS Problems with WHMCS

Hey, I bought Reseller Hosting from a website called dhruval hosts.

First of all, A kittle review. Very BAD SUPPORT

I opened a ticket 4 days ago and had one response saying that its not there issue, as WHMCS is not apart of the server,

Now what happened was, I believe I went to the basic configuration, and it had DNS settings, They were at ns3.dhruvalhosts and ns4...........

I stupidly changed this, and as soon as i changed it I couldnt access any part of my website again, So obviously thats the problem, As I said, I contacted support, and am very unimpresed that I have to go to alternate places to get help.

All I need to know, Is how would I go about resetting or chaning the DNS back, from my end. Is it possible, If not Ill add to my ticket this thread, So they know that they have to fix it.

Any help and I will be so appreciated, Like I said , ive waited for days, for one response and am really ticked off.
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IMO as you explained that you are facing problems with the support staff of your current hosting provider then your first move should be searching for a new one which provide 24 x 7 genuine support services. If the problem is on a web hosting account then the answer they provided you is very unethical. May be your ticket was handled by a newbie.

For now you should explain your activity of changing DNS settings to them and ask them to restore it, and prefer online chatting rather than just opening the ticket. As you don't have access to WHMCS so I can't find any way to sort it out from your end.

If you are at learning stage of hosting (reseller) then do not perform such changes without being in touch with the support staff.
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