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Now with reflections and 5-day forecast, this php based Weather Widget utilizes the Yahoo! RSS Weather feed and retrieves the data so that it can be attractively displayed on your site. If you can find the forecast on, then this script can retrieve and display it!

This php weather script provides the current temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius) along with the weather conditions, including its respective graphical weather condition icon! Also, the forecasts for the remainder of the day and the next day are provided. The script can retrieve any US Zip code or Location ID worldwide and caches the data into separate files which save time and bandwidth for repeated displays. The caching folder resides on the client-side. Consequently, no database is needed. You can display the weather feed in any manner that is desired. There are 11 example files which illustrate the varies ways through which to display the weather data!

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  • Nice enough script. Cacheing function is nice. Easy to modify.

  • This is a great weather script that was easy to install, modify to match the web site and has many options to chose from for deploying the display for the weather. I'll certainly be purchasing this script in the future for other sites that need weather displayed on their site. Cheers!

  • I've tried three other weather scripts that use the Yahoo! weather feed and this, by far, is the best. The other two, for some reason, produces inaccurate data (wrong temperatures and the days were mixed up). This weather widget is also very attractive. The icons are very artistic and, overall, the script is highly configurable. You can display all the weather attributes or you can simply display the current temperature along with the respective icon. Very well done!

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