ScriptCase - Rapid Web Application Development Tool Editor's Review

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Bottom line

"Scriptcase is the Rolls-Royce of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools for web development allowing you to save hours of hand coding by automatically generating web forms and reports, charts, menus, and dashboards. " - Ahmad Permessur, Editor -

Pros and cons


  • Runs in the browser with security management and role-based access control
  • Offers 6 development environment languages and 23 languages for generated applications
  • Builds mobile-compatible applications
  • Dynamic web reports, customizable charts, and custom code, macros and libraries
  • Generated applications can use multiple databases of different types
  • Excellent collection of samples and instructional videos
  • Integrates authentication with social sites and PayPal and builds all charts in HTML5


  • Pricey, especially if more than one developer needs simultaneous access
  • User manual is more than 2,000 pages in length, so can be dense reading
  • Can be a little difficult for novice developers

Detailed review

Working with databases to create forms and applications can be very painful. Tedious and repetitive coding means opportunities for mistakes to infiltrate even the most careful coder’s work. For CRUD functionality (Create, Read, Update, Delete), RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools such as Scriptcase come to the rescue, automating much of the initial setup and code generation for developers. But Scriptcase goes far beyond CRUD to sophisticated reporting and chart production.

Scriptcase can be installed on the desktop or onto a server environment and is available for several operating systems. It supports 12 database vendors (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, DB2, SQLite, Interbase, Firebird, Informix, Sybase, ODBC) and works with multiple databases of different types in the same generated application. Installing Scriptcase is well-documented and smoothly handled by a wizard, but it does take quite a bit of time to install. As part of the process, Apache, PHP, and other dependencies such as Zend Loader are also installed. Scriptcase runs in the browser (or on a server) and features a tabbed interface, allowing users to have multiple applications open at the same time. The workspace is highly intuitive, using the classic Windows Explorer setup with a familiar main menu navigation and toolbar functionality, including an applications list.

New projects are easy to begin – just select the language, the theme, and connect to your database. Version control is available for each project and the Show Diagram function will display the connections between applications. Batch Express Mode lets you create more than one application at the same time from the tables in your database, offering a grid and form option for each, which can save a lot of time otherwise spent duplicating steps and code.

Generating grids is the most basic use of any RAD tool, and Scriptcase has some nice features for this including pagination, sorting, and export to PDF. Quick Search functionality lets you access specific records and the editable grid in PHP gives you access to multiple records at the same time for orders, shopping cart, inventory and similar applications. Overall, it has excellent support for working with different data types such as images, credit card numbers, and different date formats. Your own business rules can be coded via methods and events in the application.

Some particularly useful applications for Scriptcase include tabs, containers, menus, and a search function. Advanced features include a huge variety of macros and special variables for each of its functions to save even more developer time. Deployment is an easy process involving a few steps, including generation of a zip file containing of the entire deployment package and configuration of the production environment. There is also a SQL Builder tool, with a wizard that assembles the SQL query once the desired choices of database, tables, fields, joins, order by and where are made.

Great documentation is available with a number of excellent video courses and free product webinars. A video showing the updates for the current Version 7 would be a great addition to this collection. There are also a number of samples of different applications created using the software, many with attached tutorials. A demo of the program is also available, as is support for registered and trial users. A forum includes an area to report bugs and problems.

Pricing varies depending upon the number of developers and supported databases. If all you require is one developer access, pricing ranges from $349 to $449; the Enterprise edition for multiple developers starts at $599 and goes up to $2,276.20 for 5 seats. Scriptcase is a product of NetMake, a Brazilian software company, and was first introduced in 2003.

Overall, Scriptcase provides auto-generated PHP code for a number of applications, and its wide variety of features and options will save much time and effort in hand coding for all but the most esoteric of requirements. For those looking for assistance with developing complex and sophisticated applications, Scriptcase is well worth considering. The free, 20-day trial, with full support included, will provide the opportunity for you to see for yourself how the product can save you time and frustration.



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