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  • It is very strange to rate the program by the source code, specially if it's cleaned from all the dirty stuff. For your knowledge, object oriented code works few times slower than the native conditions code. miniBB wins in that case because its code provides the extra fast speed in execution, comparing to the software which is build by hundred of programmers and that's why even native functions works abnormally slow. And - don't forget miniBB is a brand and it is written ONLY by its authors...

  • The support and source code of minibb are poor. The authors have removed almost all comments from the source code. And the source code is neither class-oriented nor function-structured, full of 'include' and 'require'. It seems that the authors don't want anyone else have the ability to understand their code - for forcing users to buy their paid service.

  • It does support W3C valid HTML. It does support such things as you can not even imagine. People simply are having too less time to look into the storm, kept in 160 Kbytes archive.

  • This was easy to install program, instructions were good also. My only real complaint is that it does not support HTML.

  • This is an excellent BB that can be implemented into anyone's web site. It is small and fast, and even with my crummy connection, it loads in a short amount of time. It is pleasing to the eyes, and has all the necessary features, no junk. I think this is one of the better boards I have seen, and its author must be complemented on the job well done. :)