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  • I've been using several other PHP code generators including PHP-MySQL-wizard, dbQwiksite, PHP-Maker and ScriptCase for quite some time (5+ yrs) and NONE has the 3 components that combined I appreciate the most: Nice+VeryLowCost+Supportive

  • I've been using AppGini for over 7 years to set up custom databases for my school. Assuming you have a fundamental understanding of how relational databases work you should find AppGini easy to use. Huge bang for the buck! Worth every penny!

  • This developer cares, takes the time to help you if you have any issues, small or big. He has developed a program that shaves months off of developement to create a real web based application. I have 30 tables and three database web apps I created with AppGini and all are in production and stable and I get the kudos every day.. Thanks for making me shine!

  • I researched for months to find the ideal program to create our custom sql based database. This by far was the fastest way to quickly design and put online a completely custom, secure database with functionality for search, queries and more with a great user interface that is friendly and easy. Worth every penny for commercial license! and more! Support is great too!

  • I bought this over a year ago 3-11-11 and i'm still able to download it from there site, that is AWESOME. I also like the software and is a great price.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I am a HUGE fan of AppGini and the application I've developed with it. I rely on it every day, it works amazingly well in a production environment, it's FAST, the development tools (especially for a non-coder) are robust, clean and useful...and also it is rare and spectacular that a small developer gives such world-class support to their software products! I also really appreciate how the developer has modularize so many parts of the program (and the generated code) to allow users to tweak their results. That is a HUGE bonus. Top notch, highly recommended, outstanding value, spectacularly responsive and helpful support.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Looks simple, but has lots of possibilities. A time saver for experienced developers, and very educational for those wanting to learn. The author is very helpful and patiently answered pre sales questions and support questions.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • After looking at a few development environments for PhpMySQL, I chose this one because of it's reasonable price. It was pretty easy to design a database and then upload it. You are then free to modify the code it generates. A great app that cuts out a lot of development time for beginners and experienced users.

  • I've just downloaded the new version of Appgini and it is great. I have used it since its early versions and was surprised to see how many new great features (such as user groups) this version has. I am actually good with php and MySQL but I still like to use Appgini because of the development speed. Keep up the good work will be sure to purchase all future versions too. Support has always answered questons promptly too.

  • I had never ventured into PHP and MySQL. Using Appgini and MySQL 2 AppGini created the entire site. I even had some speacial table mods I needed. The Developer helped me usually the same day. I can not say enough about the pro version of this app. Now it has user authentication (my version did not implement this yet). Makes this App even more of a deal. I am reloading this version and recompling my site. On my test server to test it. I am sure I won't be left down. Keep up the good work. RCMdog!

  • This program is great. I am just learning PHP and not nearly ready to write the code that this program generated with less than 10 minutes of my time. I would recommend it to anyone. The code is clean, well organized and functional without an program tweaking. I just admired and learned from the code.

  • Thanks! I just wanted to make a little clarification: AppGini professional is priced currently at $35. The additional $24 in the review title is the cost of an add-on tool that the client ordered with AppGini.

  • After reviewing scripts for over 6 weeks, this is, by far, the best out there. No errors on install or programs to date. Well worth the $35!

  • Using this program I was able to design my 26 tables inventory and supplier chain management database, define relationships between tables, and generate various versions of my db front-end. Each version with its own permissions that allow employees to view and/or modify the records according to their authorities. The scripts ran smoothly after setting up the db (using one of the scripts) and every employee was able to access the data from anywhere via the net and search easily using the cool filters provided. What's really unique about this program (something I didn't find in any similar program) is the ability to easily create relationships between tables, somthing like the lookup wizard of MS Access, and it's even easier to use. For example, I can define suppliers in a single table and then have all spare parts, raw materials and other items tables see the suppliers as a drop down menu that is automatically updated when I update them in the suppliers table. With the help of the author (who provided surprisingly rapid support), I was able to insert images in the tables and create some helpful reports. I wish the reports were easy to create inside the prog instead of writing the sql code myself. The only problem that I found was with the date fields, which you have to view and edit using the weird format "year-month-day", but it wasn't a big issue though. The trial version of this program allowed me to create only 4 tables, but for $35, I guess its a very good investment that saved me a fortune hiring a programmer to do it.

  • I am a novice at database design and forms using php and MySQL. I found this little windows program and gave it a shot. I have to say it was very easy to understand and took very little time to get a relativly complex relational database up and running. It offers great flexability in the data types as well as outstanding support from the author. I had a few non standered needs and contacted the author with some questions. He responded quickly, with clear and helpful answers to my questions. The program runs fine on XP and builds all the forms as well as automating the database installation procedure. You just upload the entire generated directory to your server and when you attempt to query any form it presents you with an automated database installation routine, when the procedure completes you are presented with a menu of your database forms and you are ready to go. The program, although very simple to understand, offers a multitude of options such as foreign fields, hidden fields, ect. The generated forms are easy to customize to match your tastes and the capabilties of this program is only limited by your talent. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to get a database online quickly without having to design and code every form and query. With great customer support to match you can't go wrong.

  • This is an excellent script that works well on windows machines.

  • I think this might be very good software, but so many features were crippled that I simply uninstalled it. Grrrrrrr....

  • At the time this review was written, the trial version indeed had many limitations. Since then, I removed many of them. So, the only limitations now are: saving projects is disabled, and a limit on the number of tables and fields that can be added.