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  • Excellant PHP code produces a quality program. Perfect operation.

  • Absolutely fabulous script and great at anti-spam. Recommend this one

  • full feature guest book. with admin / moderator control. including 'ip ban ' and msg delete. admin reply and full control for the website owner.... Love your work ..

  • Used this guestbook for several years. Easy to set up. Good spam protection. Easy to moderate.

  • Good and easy documentation, lots of options and has word and IP blockage + CAPTCHA..

  • Installed quickly and provided a brilliant guest book for my site.

  • I had it installed in 5 minutes. By default it looks very nice, although it does take longer if you want to make it completely fit the website look. For me the important thing is it doesn't need SQL and so far no SPAM, well done! And best of all it's free :-)

  • This is a simple and easy to use guestbook. No mysql database, so you can setup this guestbook within a few minutes. Changing style (css) is easy to do as well. I like it.

  • only problem I have is the password for the apass comes up incorrect. I have checked to see that what I made for the apass is just letter and numbers, no spaces and yet when I use it on the site it still states ad,im password is wrong. Can not figure it out.

  • You are welcome to get free help with configuration problems at the support forum:

  • Because I lost my former free guestbook I was looking for another with as few as possible advertising on it. I found this script and I love it! I am not great with HTML and all that but I can handle this script and change everything the way I want so it matches with the rest of my website (still working on it). This guestbook is very complete and advertise free! Many thanks for it!

  • Easy to install, perfect, simple instructions for a Newbie like me!

  • At first, I had a hard time adjusting it to fit my site. Once I found the administration, it worked great. Until I put it online and found that it doesn't work with the newest version of PHP (5.3.13). Unfortunately, I need this version of PHP to run my wordpress.

  • GBook works with any PHP 4+ version. The demo actually runs on 5.3.27 and it has also been tested on versions as late as 5.5.1. The problems must be somewhere else, you are welcome to ask for free help at the support forum:

  • I installed this using "Simple Scripts" onto my website. The script installed without error, however two immediate problems cropped up. 1) I could not "login" to any administrator functionality. There was no link in the Guiestbook Page, and no instructions on how to reach any "admin options." 2) The "random number" security anit-bot code did not work. I could not post data to the guestbook because it would not draw the "captcha" code.

  • "Simple Scripts" is third party software not related to GBook. It's not fair to blame GBook if "Simple Scripts" didn't install it correctly or gave you access to GBook documentation. You are welcome to get free help with configuration problems at the support forum:

  • I know nothing about php, but found this easy to set up and customize. It does everything I want it to and does it well. My old guestbook had been overcome by spam--but I've had no spam since I switched to GBook PHP Guestbook 1.7. I had one issue, and a quick look at the forums provided the answer (that's also where to look for info on how to customize, install, etc.--if you have any trouble with this script and can't find the answer in a couple of minutes, you're just not trying).

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I have tried a number of guest books over the years. None of the free ones proved to be any use at all, they were all subject to spam. Gbook is a vast improvement, but wasn't straightforward to implement, probably due to issues with the way my server is configured. This was mainly due to some files not uploading correctly or ending up in the wrong place. 1/2 hr sorted it though. Also the html editor I used added a space and a couple of characters to the link when I placed in the page.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I thought it was very convenient and simple to install. Fast too, which is always a plus. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to be customizable. It would be nice to at least match the colors to my site.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I can't use it because I don't know how to implement it into my website or what exactly can be done to it. =(

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • How can you rate a script if you didn't even install and try it? You are welcome to get free help with configuration problems at the support forum:

  • I had to set up a new guestbook as the one I was using was closed down. I was looking for a guestbook with a database but tried PHP Guestbook 1.7 and am happy that I didn't take one with a database. It is easy to set up and works fast even with almost 2000 entries in my guestbook. I had to convert all entries of my old guestbook. It was more work to get the data out of my old guestbook than to convert the data to the new format. I can recommend this questbook to anyone! Marc

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • This is a great little script which I use to display customer testimonials and it can be set up in literally 5-10minutes from download to it appearing on the site. In addition, it is simple for the end user to use, even if their only knowledge of computers is Google they can easily leave a comment. This is a very important factor for as we all know too few people leave comments if its over complicated. The latest ani-spam measures are great additions to an already great anti-spam guestbook. It is well thought out and by keeping it simple only adds to its value.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Whether you plop the script directly on to a web page or spend time manipulating it this script is fantastic. I think what surprises me more is the fact that if you are none commercial you can use the script for free. Nothing this good ever comes for free. Well today it did and I'm so grateful. I have altered the look quite a bit but the guts of this script remain perfectly in tact, purely because the level of scripting is way over my head. As a programmer I do recognise good quality work regardless of language and this is without a doubt top notch. If I went commercial I wouldn't think twice about purchasing it.

  • just what you need. simple and powerfull. Thanks!

  • very well designed and well adaptable. small handicaps: - few problems with UTF-8 (maybe my disability) - needs a little extended css-support greetz ccp

  • I am a true novice and even for me this was easy. The only problem I had was that after I uploaded everything and followed the instructions - the graphical image for security would not show up, even though the test file did. So I called my host like the troubleshoot info said and I was able to view everything correctly. My host corrected the 'session' configuration.

  • Needed a guestbook FAST for and this fitted the bill almost perfectly. Very easy to set up - was downloaded, setup and running within 20 minutes. The spam filter was a little too sensitive but didn't have time to play with the settings. Only bug was with admin replies and deletes, if someone posted while you were doing either the edit was applied to the wrong post. But with posts running at up to 80 an hour at times on the site, overall it coped brilliantly!

  • Excellent script. Easy step by step installation. Requires license to remove powered by from the web page created.

  • Just a quick clarification to avoid any confusion: this script is FREE to use on any website, even a commercial one. All I require in exchange is the "Powered by" link at the bottom of the script. However, if for some reason one would like to omit the powered by link he/she may do so by purchasing a license for a symbolic fee.

  • I've tried several guestbook scripts, they all failed the test for various reasons, I can write basic php, but am no expert. This one appealed to me because the author thought of just about everything, easy to customize, spam proof, and with a powerful "word block" feature that protects the guestbook from nasties, I recommend this to anyone who needs a non-database guestbook that is easy to install.

  • Monday, June 05 2006, @ 2:52 PM (-0700 GMT) This is a GREAT bit of work - truly GREAT! The install was simple, and the features are fantastic. Cudos and praise & many thanks to the author.

  • I have just started to use this after using Openbook for 2 years or so - that was fine but became impossible to manage once it was targeted by spammers. This, however, is superb - anti spam, fairly simple to get up and running and the support is phenomenal. There are regular revisions and suggestions are at least listened to. I can thoroughly recommend this - it certainly solved my problem - and the best part is, it can only really get better. Use it - you won't be disappointed. zztb

  • Simple to install, little needs to be done to adjust appearance using stylesheet included or direct it to your own. Secured with spam protection to prevent automated posts. I am pleased with it's ease of use and the developers prompt reply and solution to my questions. I've tried other scripts but I either couldn't understand them or found myself in mySQL editing table names. I found thisguest book so easy I'm actually running two instances on my site. One for public viewing and the other as more of an email contact method for my visitors. I know very little about php thus me being a member here and using "pre-packaged" codes. If you want or need a guestbook and you don't want to have to dig into dozens of reference books I would greatfully recommend this PHP Guestbook.