HotScripts Marketplace - Getting Started

Let HotScripts Help You Sell Your Scripts!

We value the effort that you’ve put into developing your scripts and we want to invest equally in marketing your scripts and generate a maximum number of sales for you. Simply put – you submit your scripts and we do all the hard work while you relax and earn a passive income! The Marketplace is a no-risk, revenue-share program available for products that meet the marketplace guidelines and product evaluation.

3 reasons why you should join the HotScripts Marketplace

  1. Start selling without infrastructure investment

    The Marketplace lets anyone with a great product start selling right away without investing in infrastructure such as an e-commerce website, merchant account, or shopping cart. Focus on what you do best -- developing awesome web applications -- and let the HotScripts Marketplace increase your sales.

  2. Gain unprecedented exposure - Leverage the HotScripts brand and marketing

    We are the authoritative web development resource! Products sold under the HotScripts brand are valued and trusted!
    By listing your product in the Marketplace, you leverage the HotScripts brand PLUS its more than one million page views each month. We do everything it takes to put your quality scripts in the spotlight: homepage feature, guaranteed category top placement, Newsletters inclusions: weekly (28,000 subscribers), occasionally inserts in the monthly Newsletter (85,000 subscribers).

  3. Earn a passive income stream – NO exclusivity!

    Add HotScripts as another channel to sell your product. There is no exclusivity agreement. With a commission rate of minimum 50%, you gain an easy way to earn supplemental income. Plus you get to connect with your buyers for custom work -- a nice extra bonus at no additional charge.

EXTRA REASON! Join now and submit a script until February 15th and get 100% revenue for the first 3 months!

Adding a script to the marketplace

There are two ways you can have your product listed on the marketplace. If it is a new product not listed on HotScripts, you will need to submit a new listing and choose the 'Marketplace' listing type during your submission.

On the other hand, if you already have your script listed on our site, you will need to visit your 'My Listings' section and select the 'Sell on HotScripts' option to convert your listing to a marketplace item.

Developers Feedback

"As supplemented income for a small time graphic design and web development company - the sales have been great! The revenue we receive each month from personal sales of the script, matches evenly with the sales generated from HotScripts marketplace during the testing phase. It's a fairly win win scenario for us!" - Ben Davies (

"The HotScripts market place allows me to easily sell my scripts and reach a wider audience, I no longer need to worry about implemeting a payment method on my own website and I can spend more time developing new products." - Ivan Ribas (

Have a question?

If you have any question about the HotScripts marketplace program, please contact us. Remember to check our Vendor FAQ page - it covers many commonly asked questions.