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Hot Scripts is a comprehensive Web directory of more than 41,000 web development and programming-related resources. Hot Scripts serves webmasters, developers, business owners, marketers, coders and programmers, who are looking to build, enhance or improve their Web sites and intranets.

Hot Scripts is filled with dynamic development tools, tons of programming scripts for more than 16 programming languages as well as informational resources including books and tutorials. With hundreds of thousands of Web development and programming resources available today, Hot Scripts' mission is to provide you with a single destination to get the highest quality and hottest performing programming resources.

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Hot Scripts is an iNET Interactive media property. Founded in 2002, iNET Interactive is a social media company operating prominent online communities for Internet professionals and technology enthusiasts. Its vertically-focused communities incorporate user-contributed ratings, reviews, and discussion augmented with professionally-produced content.

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All Hot Scripts related press releases are posted at iNET Interactive. For media inquiries, please Contact Us.

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