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This YouTube script gives you the opportunity to provide your visitors with effective YouTube video presented in a stylish, structured and formatted manner. It is packed with features which enable you to add interest to your website providing a clean and clear public UI (user interface/web page content) that may be presented in a way which suits the look and feel of the website into which it is incorporated.


Available off the shelf – The YouTube module is a ready to go powerful system to increase your web development productivity
Easy to install – download the module .zip file, unzip the content, upload the files to your website select your Db and the supplied installation script will guide you through the module set up saving your deployment time
Easy to integrate - a simple piece of code placed in your web page and another in the page header is all that you require to display your module content on your PHP web page saving your time on integration
Fully customize the styles used for your module - admin control of the modules styles to format the content that your visitors will see to complements your overall site design
Easy to use - runs directly in the browser enabling you to manage your website from your PC without the need to install any additional software
Password protected administration – secure access to easily manage your content using the modules admin
User Level – Superadmin and normal admin users
Structured Content - create your own categories of YouTube videos and embedd individual videos
CSS enabled – CSS (Cascading Style sheet) have been implemented to enable you to change the appearance and layout of the module and to format/style displayed

Server Requirements

This script has been developed for PHP version 5 or later and MySQL version 4.1 or later.

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