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Yahoo Currency
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Display exchange rates tables from a base currecny to many other currencies

0.00 0 217 03/22/2010

Bible WordPress Plugin
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Automate Bible References for WordPress

0.00 0 157 03/28/2010

Running Line
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

If you would like to have your running line on your Wordpress blog, so this plugin is just for you!

0.00 0 72 03/29/2010

Explanatory Dictionary
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

This plugin is used when there are words, words expressions or sentences to be explained in the posts or pages of your wordpress blog.

0.00 0 105 03/29/2010

(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Any occasion to receive greetings? So, this plugin is just for you!

0.00 0 84 03/29/2010

Subscribe To Author Posts Feed
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

This plugin adds links after the posts for subscribing to the post author's posts feed via RSS.

0.00 0 63 03/29/2010

Most Commenting Visitors
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

This is a widget plugin which helps to display the visitors who left the most number of comments in the Wordpress blog.

0.00 0 56 03/29/2010

Grid Gallery for WordPress v.1
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Enhance your WordPress Template (or any other flash & non-flash site) with this powerful and flexible grid gallery. Look at the preview to see 3 samples of usage.

0.00 0 100 03/31/2010

WizardRSS WordPress Plugin
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

WizardRSS makes Wordpress autoblogging a snap by automatically creating posts from the RSS/Atom feeds you choose, which are organized into campaigns. Plus, it automatically turns all RSS feeds into full text!

0.00 0 694 04/07/2010

Tina MVC for Wordpress
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Need to develop your own plugin, widget and shortcode functionality? Tina MVC provides you with a set of base classes and helper functions on which you build your Wordpress plugins, widgets and shortcodes.

0.00 0 110 05/12/2010

Wordpress Automatic Poster Plugin
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

New "Set It And Forget It" Technology Automatically Drip Feeds Fresh New Content Into Your Blog For As Long As You Choose!

0.00 0 69 05/21/2010

Wordpress Theme Framework (WTF)
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

The Wordpress Theme Framework provides Wordpress Theme Developers with an easy way to add quality to their theme’s by adding features of “Premium” themes without much work at all.

0.00 0 62 05/24/2010

Amazon Wordpress Plugin
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Setup amazon products on your wordpress blog with this quick and easy plugin

0.00 0 181 06/05/2010

Wordpress Membership Plugin - New Automated WP Subscription Plugin
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Add Membership / Subscription Functionality to your WordPress blog. Converts Your WP Blog into a Fully Automated membership System that seemlessly integrates PayPal or ClickBank payment processor.

0.00 0 64 06/22/2010

(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

BuddyPress will extend WordPress MU and bring social networking features to a new or existing installation, which SimpleScripts installs as a combination package

0.00 0 492 06/25/2010

WordPress GeoTargeting Plugin
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

WordPress plugin that enables country-specific contents and performs redirects based on visitor's country.

0.00 0 60 07/16/2010

AJAX Store Finder for Wordpress
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

A Google Maps powered store finder managed from the WordPress admin Panel

0.00 0 72 07/18/2010

Contact - Friend Inviter Gold plugin & Widget
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

The Contact Inviter/Friend GOLD plugin & widget for WordPress.

0.00 0 98 07/26/2010

Wordpress OTO (WP One Time Offer) Plugin
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Real One Time Offers Using WordPress. Millions of Successful Internet Marketers Use One-Time-Offers (OTO) for Increasing Sales Conversion Rates !

0.00 0 151 08/17/2010

Wordpress AdminPage Class
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

AdminPage Class is no plugin! It’s made for theme developers, who want to give their users a cool interface and prevent them from damaging it in any way.

0.00 0 33 08/24/2010

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