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MetaTraffic generates live traffic reports on your web site. Several reports such as who's online, page views, visitors, browsers, keywords, robots, screen area and more. Now includes graphing, secure access to the report generator with optional username and password protection, choice of MS Access or SQL Server and support for international date formats. Several different methods of logging including ASP includes, Javascript for HTML pages and redirects for downloads or multimedia files.

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Scripts / ASP / Scripts & Components / Web Traffic Analysis
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Feb 11, 2009 
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Free for personal or non-commercial use
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$50.00 USD
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Professional version is licensed on a per web site, server or organization basis starting at $50.

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  • I am using this software for more than 2 years and found this is the best tracking tool any one should have for a website of any size. Its very soft on the server and gives you a detailed report that any webmaster will be looking for. I strongly recommend this product.

  • I needed a detailed stat analysis program for my new web site but I didn't want to have to deal with major customization or programming headaches. I was willing to download each and every stat analysis program on HotScripts but luckily I clicked on MetaTraffic before any other programs. MetaTraffic worked out PERFECTLY! It was easy to install. I entered a few really simple questions and BAM - the whole thing installed! Lots of options and data are available to view. Thanks!

  • This is an awesome freeware statisitics application that is very well written. The author is actively developing the software and will even answer your questions about customizing it. Great Job Metasun!

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